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December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The fact that so many people now get so vocal over any perceived mistake the company makes just proves how incredibly central the idea of “Nintendo” has become to thousands – even millions – of us across the country and around the world. I absolutely love that people got so pissed about Samus’ portrayal in Metroid: Other M. It means that people actually cared enough in the first place, were invested enough in the character, to be truly effected when their nostalgic memories and decades-old perceptions of the hunter didn’t mesh with what they were seeing on the screen. I love that Nintendo has been around so long, has become so foundational to the industry that those kinds of opinions and debates are even possible.

You won’t find that anywhere else. Not yet, at least. Maybe not even for another decade, when the PSone generation becomes what the NES generation is now. God help the developer that tries to reboot Crash Bandicoot in 2020.

See, this article reminded me that 2010 was actually a pretty great year for the Wii. I’ve lost some interest in the system by this time, but I remember now that, well, there’s some pretty awesome stuff on Wii. And one of those awesome games, by the way, is Super Mario Galaxy 2. I’ve been replaying it since I have nothing else to do except for play Lord of the Rings Online. It’s pretty fantastic. I got 242 stars on my first file, you know.

But anyway, I need to go and do…the stuff…I’m supposed to do now.


Source: IGN

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