Play Games at School

Welcome, to the guide on how to play games at schoooooool!

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Online Games
  3. The Halo Trial version
  4. The Mac Dashboard.


So, maybe just because school is boring, or maybe because I just like breaking their computer “rules,” I don’t know, but I do know some advice on how to play games at school. I mess with their computers all the time. I mean, I’m at a pretty tech-oriented school–it is new, after all–so I’m on computers every day.

You see, each year, more and more sites are blocked as their dumb filters get better and better. Finding flash games becomes difficult. Although they’re certainly out there. But I will tell you ways to play games beyond the online ones. So you can have fun all you want.

But as for not getting caught, you can figure that out on your own.

Note the following risks:

The teacher could see you playing games and you could potentially be in trouble.

If you place applications on the school servers, they could be deleted and you could get in trouble or lose the ability to use the school’s servers.

The school might install anti-virus software with the ability to block specific programs, and those programs might end up being the games you play. Although, technically all you have to do to disable the software temporarily is open up task manager and end the process(es), but it won’t work unless you have administrator rights.

However, as I have not been in any real trouble, the post shall continue.

Online Games

Apparently, at my school, many sites are blocked off because of the automatic filters, and I would guess they use key words to do it. Like, the word “game,” perhaps? Well, it was pretty weird that when I searched “games not blocked at school,” I got results that weren’t blocked. Although, only one site from searching that was quite sufficient enough for me, and that ended up getting blocked. Luckily, the smart guy had an alternate site, and it was called I’d like to see the filters find that site! I seriously doubt that would happen. You barely see the word “game” on that whole place.  Anyway, there’s a lot of games there.

But the amount of game sites not blocked at our school has grown thin.  Your school, I don’t know, but ours has like everything blocked.  When someone does find a games site, it seems to spread around between all the people who enjoy not working. There is a site called  There, they have lots of games–but they’re all hacked.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does take the challenge out of the games, but hey, you’re not playing the games at school for a challenge.  I’m pretty sure all the games there are hacked, but they are fun games, so I can’t complain. Fairly decent amount, although I don’t like the overall setup of the site…whatever.  GAAAAMES!

Oh, and go to the freaking GETOFFTHOSEDARNGAMES.COM. The password, well, you can probably figure that out on your own. I don’t want to tell  you it. There could be risks to that. Or maybe I just want you to have fun with that. The password is pretty simple, anyway. And very relevant to what you came to the site looking for.

Sadly, those are all the sites I know of at this moment. You can, of course, always go to your iGoogle page and play whatever games are there. Yup.

BUT, did you ever consider downloading flash games? Hmmmm?

Yup, you can do that. And I will tell you how. By using pictures.

Ok, so first–I’m using Firefox, by the way–we’re gonna go to the game you want to download. Then, you right click on a part of the page that’s NOT the game, so, like, the white space next to the game.

Click Page Info!!

Ah, yes. My Firefox. With my Facebook toolbar and my toolbar. And my AWESOME FACE skin. And my AD-BLOCK-PLUS! WOOOOO! Ok enough about that. CLICK PAGE INFO.

That will give you this window.

But that doesn’t take us to where we want to be just yet. So click on ‘Media.’


There’s a whole lot of stuff there…unless you’re on a page with nothing but a game on it.

What you’re going to want to look for in the ‘Type’ column, is one that says ‘Embed.’ If you look at that object’s address, it should end in ‘.swf.’


Yeah, see that nice little ‘Save As’ button? Click that. You will then be able to choose a file name and location for the file. As you can see, it’s a Shockwave Flash Object, which means I have definitely chosen the object that’s a game.

But if you know anything about Flash files, you may be wondering how you will run the file. Or maybe you figured out that you need some sort of software that runs Flash movies. If you did figure that out, you’re correct.

You can easily get  software to do this. I have a program called Flash Movie Player.

It runs flash games. And flash videos, too. Anything flash, really.

Now, you may be wondering how you can run that at school if you don’t have that program on the school’s computers.

Well put the program on the flash drive, dude.


Understand? Good. Remember… the whole folder. Not just the .exe file. The whole folder. And then you can run the program directly from your flash drive.

Luckily, if your school happens to have a class for things like flash animation and web design, Flash will probably already be on their computers. So you don’t need to install anything there.

So, that’s all on this subject for now! Let’s move on!!

Warning: The school has the right to delete any crud you put on their computers and/or their servers. Which includes basically all of the stuff in this post that you have to install. They can delete it. They check more than you think.

Halo Trial Version

Why do we love the trial version of Halo so much? I’ll tell you why: It includes the multiplayer mode! And there are still plenty of people playing.  Of course, the real fun of it is to play with the people sitting by you.

Well, it’s a straightforward installation, basically.

  1. Download the demo version.  Do this by finding a site that has it, by using Google.
  2. Install it. You probably can not do this on your school’s computers, because you don’t have rights. However, it seems that when running Windows on a Macintosh, you can do it.
  3. If you installed it on your home computer, copy it to your flash drive.
  4. Run the game directly from your flash drive.

Yup. It's Halo.

There is a Mac version of this demo, in fact. It’s quite impossible to find at school, so that might create a problem if you don’t actually have a Mac at home. But I installed it. Muwahahaha.

How to Install Halo Demo for Mac on your school’s Mac’s when you don’t actually own a Mac

Ya can't run the Mac files for the Halo demo on PC, and ya can't run the PC files for the Halo demo on Mac.

Once again, the answer is flash drives. There’s nothing stopping you from downloading the installation files on Windows.  It’s a compressed folder, actually. So you just take that compressed folder and put it on your flash drive. And then when you take the flash drive to the Mac, you can open up those files there. Then you install the game by dragging the files to your flash drive–don’t drag it to the computer’s hard drive, because we don’t want them to think you could potentially destroy their computers, do we? (They probably won’t think that, but they certainly will delete your stuff). And so, the game runs directly from the flash drive.

I was finding something a little weird about the Mac version. When I was playing on one of those big silver Mac’s, (two gens before the current iMac, I believe) I couldn’t see my radar. But when I played it on a MacBook, which is obviously weaker than the iMac, I could see the radar just fine. So, it’s weird.

But yeah, that’s some fun stuff right there.

The Mac Dashboard

So, this one isn’t really hard to figure out at all. On Mac’s, you can access a dashboard with all sorts of useless apps. There are plenty of games for the dashboard. One of them is actually a multi-player paintaball first person shooter. It’s called 3D Paradise Paintball. Although, that game used to be way cooler. Whatever though.

Unfortunately, it seems like they can actually disable the Mac dashboard. I don’t know how, as I am no Mac expert. But I can’t seem to access the dashboard on many of the computers.

Well, this is all I know at this moment.

And I can’t find any proxy sites that aren’t blocked. 😮

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