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Hurray for Gameloft’s next rip-off! (Seriously)

A trailer for Gameloft’s next iOS game has been released, and as usual, we expect the game being made to be very similar to something that’s already made. This time, people are saying it’s gonna be a Legend of Zelda type of game. Now this has me excited. You know I’m a big fan of Zelda. I could be mad at them for the rip-off, but nah. Is there a way to play a 3D Zelda game on a hand held device? I think not. Do I want to play a 3D Zelda game on a hand held? Absolutely. Furthermore, do I want to keep myself from playing a good Zelda-like game? No way. Of course I’m gonna play this game. If it’s good, anyway. I don’t think I’ll play it if it turns out to be bad.

picture of this game

This dude seems kinda like the Great Deku Tree. Except, he's like, a spirit or something...instead of an actual talking tree...

But anyway, let’s find out what’s causing all this speculation of the game being a Zelda type of game. Go take a look at the trailer. What do we see in it? Well, uh, first there’s some magic-y stuff. Some lava. Mostly…a cool-looking fantasy world. And some peaceful music in the background. That high-pitched instrument kind of reminds me of Wind Waker. Just saying.

But to the point, what is making people make these connections? Perhaps it’s,

  1. That spirit tree guy. He’s huge, he talks, and he spits out some shiny thing. Now am I crazy, or is that kinda like the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time? I mean, that guy was a talking tree, and he gave Link the forest medallion or whatever!
  2. The fact that there’s a horse shown for a few seconds. The scene looks very much like Twilight Princess; you have to admit it.
  3. That UI which was shown for a couple seconds. I see a mini-map, a shield button…oddly, some sort of horse button. I don’t see how anyone is supposed to call their horse when there’s lava everywhere, but OK. I don’t know what that other button up top is. I wonder if this game has some sort of targeting system.
  4. Well…the whole thing is in a fantasy world, so that at least helps the idea that it’s Zelda.

Hm, but really, that’s it? Man. It’s kind of weird that IGN was the one making the assumption here. I’d have thought that it would just be random people doing it.

Well anyway, I’m excited. I’ll probably get this thing. But of course, they haven’t named it or given us any real info on it. Hm. Well, I’m going to stop writing now.


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