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This Makes Me Happy

The chances that you’ve already seen this video are high. That don’t matter. I like this story. I like to see good things happen. There’s not enough good stories or videos on the internet–things that are good in that they are about things that are genuinely good. What do I mean by ‘good’? Well, I like to hear about people helping those who need help, and I like to hear about people getting on the right path. I mainly wish we had more positivity around teh internets. I mean, I certainly know that I’m often negative, and I certainly don’t do much good for the world. But the thing is, when people hear good stories, they get inspired to do good things themselves. If they don’t get inspired, then their hearts have failed them–if they have hearts at all, I mean.

This guy, Ted Williams–his success over the last few days has filled me with joy. Pure joy, really. The kind of joy I rarely feel. And why? Well, I’m not completely sure. But let’s look at the aspects of this story that could possibly please me.

  1. The man has an awesome voice.
  2. The man got involved with drugs ‘n stuff and suffered the consequences.
  3. The man got off of drugs…and stuff.
  4. The man recognizes that he has a gift given to him by God.
  5. The man got a job.
  6. This has come as a result of a reporter filming him–now this was certainly a simple act of kindness, I’d say. Unless we want to be ultra-cynical and question the reporter’s motives. But that would ruin this all.
  7. He sort of reunited with his mother, didn’t he? That’s just touching.

Now people didn’t throw around the original video of this homeless man in an effort to try and get him a job. They show it to their friends because:

  1. It’s surprising
  2. It’s entertaining

But despite their common intentions, the incredible speed at which this video has spread certainly has accomplished something. This man is going to get a home in no time!

Man, I am actually getting a little emotional while writing this. What’s up with me, anyway?

Perhaps the idea of a full recovery appeals to me. I mean, I certainly have never been homeless. I’m just a kid. I’ve always had a good life. I can thank my parents for that, and I can thank God for that. But if I ever found myself in some crisis, I know that in some way, there will always be hope. I can always emerge from the depths of sorrow somehow.

But then some troll might say, “Well how would you know?!!” Well, doesn’t this story sort of prove it?

I tell you, this life was meant to be enjoyed. Our circumstances can’t get so bad that we can’t find such a thing as happiness. So I guess happiness is the most important thing to have. If I couldn’t find that, then that would be the actual problem.

I’m thankful for this surprising source of inspiration. No viral video has ever been so uplifting.

Well, except for that baby preacher. That kid…MAN he’s great!

Heh heh heh heh, fun times. Fun times. Now we’ve gone off topic. I probably should’ve ended this post just now. Why is this paragraph even here?


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