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I Love Lord of the Rings Online

I love Lord of the Rings Online. I play it all the time. Now stop with the rhyme…ing. Jeez.

Now if there’s a few things I enjoy, they’re the Lord of the Rings, good MMO’s, and free stuff. Now honestly, I haven’t played much MMO’s. I don’t like monthly fees for games. And most of the free ones out there aren’t very good. But this one is free, and it’s dang good! Probably because it used to be a pay game, but man, when I found out it was going free to play, I signed up as soon as I could.

Even on the low graphics settings, this game is gorgeous.

I’m not going to give all the details of the game–mainly because I want to go and play it right now–but I’ll tell you a few things about it. If you’ve played some MMORPG’s before, you’ll find a lot of familiar elements in LOTRO. But of course, the game is set in Middle Earth, which is awesome for any fan of The Lord of the Rings. I enjoy going to familiar places and meeting familiar characters.

Well anyway, I’m not going to write a review about this game right now or anything, but you definitely should go check this game ouuuuut!


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