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NOVA 2 Wishlist

Once, there was an iPhone game called NOVA. It was like playing Halo on the iPhone. It sure wasn’t at all original, but since some people actually want a portable Halo, that’s not a bad thing.

So now they’re making a sequel to this game, and I’m hoping they improve on a few aspects of the game. I’ll tell you what I want.

Actual voice actors

Because if you’re going to go for some cinematic moments, you might as well do it right.

I mean, the voice acting in the first game was, well, pretty terrible. It’s sort of surprising that an iPhone game would have voice acting in the first place, of course, but NOVA did. But I almost wish it didn’t, cause man, that acting was bad. Clearly they didn’t have actual voice actors… or just, actors! They sounded like random people! It’s like the game developers just went and did the lines themselves!

Just saying.

More multiplayer modes

All we got in the first game was the mode where you run around and shoot people. We didn’t even get a team version of that. Well I say BOOORING. Especially when people can just go pick up a rocket launcher.

Seriously. We need more modes than just one. That mode is fun, but it gets old.

More weapons

Well obviously.

I’m pretty sure that one will come true.

More explosions

Just kidding.

No, seriously. I could always go for a couple more explosions.

Better story

I didn’t find the first game’s story too interesting. And I didn’t really like any of the characters much. Especially not the guy I’m playing.

I guess there was some sort of attempt at a plot twist… kind of. But it wasn’t the kind that would blow your mind. So hopefully for this second one, they’ll come up with something awesome.

But I doubt it.

Well, that’s pretty much all I got.

Real exciting post, eh?




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