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I’m pretty bad at running this blog. But that’s OK, for now.

I do realize that regular meaningful posts would be quite beneficial for everybody around here, but I don’t think such a schedule will happen anytime soon.

So anyway…what’s going on around here? (I just asked myself.) Not much. Cuz I have school and whatnot. The games I have been playing lately…well, I’ve been playing Metroid Other M. It’s OK. There’s some things about it that I really dislike. But overall it’s good, I guess. I’m not going to write a review about a game that I have such middle-of-the-road feelings for. I can write one about a game I love, and one about a game I hate, but I don’t want to write about a game that’s in the middle.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been playing games on my iPod Touch, of course.

It’s somewhat surprising, but I absolutely love playing Guitar Hero on my iPod. You’d think everybody’d be over all the music games in the world by now, but I find this version of Guitar Hero strangely addicting and fun. There’s a lot of good aspects of this game. It’s gorgeous. It has strumming, which is just sliding the finger to the right or left. The included music very much appeals to my tastes. I mean, I think all the songs are great. Only 6 are included, but the game was only like 3 bucks or something. It comes with tracks by Vampire Weekend, Weezer, the White Stripes, Rise Against, the Rolling Stones, and Queen. So I really love the music that’s there. Plus, you can buy more, so…that’s good.

Yeah so I’ve played lots of that game… and a lot of other games too.

Aaaand I just got bored.


Man, I love Avatar. And CAAAKE!!


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