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Sup people. It’s been a while since I last posted here, so I’m just stopping by. I’m actually posting from my iPod right now, just for the heck of it, I guess. Sure, it’s a bit slower than using a keyboard, but I kinda think it’s fun. I got this iPod a couple weeks ago. It’s 32 gigs of awesomeness. Nah, just kidding, I haven’t filled all that space! But seriously, this iPod is great. I use it to game on the go and whatnot. Yeah, you might say that I could have gotten a DS, but this thing has cheapo games–and better graphics, too. Besides that, the 3DS will be coming out before long, and that thing looks pretty awesome. And it’s gonna have ocarina of time in threeeeeee deeeeee! So that’s pretty cool and stuff. Gotta be excited about that, right? Plus, there’s Skyward Sword for Wii. Woo!

So what have I been doing lately, you ask? Cause I know you’re dying to know. Well, actually, I started school a couple weeks ago. How lame. Before that, I wrote stuff. It’s on my deviantart. Which I have not told you about before. I’ll give you the address later. I also did some camping this summer. It was a good time, but I ain’t gonna tell you about that now.

I’ll see you later.


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