I myself find it strange that I didn’t even post anything during E3. I mean, considering that video games are the main things I post about, you’d think I’d post about what’s going on at E3. Buuuut I really had nothing much to say. I would have basically been saying the news, and if you want gaming news, you go to a gaming site.

Nonetheless, I thought that some parts of E3 were pretty sweet. Nintendo pulled out a ton of new traditional titles. And that’s why that conference was awesome. Plus, there was the 3DS. Not like I’ve seen the 3D. But the thing has some good-looking graphics, so hey, that’s well enough.

Ummmm, and, of course, there was Zelda. It’s called Skyward Sword. And it has 1 to 1 swordplay. The art style has sparked some controversy, but I think it looks pretty good. In fact, the more I look at it, the better my opinion of it gets.

So, I just kinda thought I’d stop by and write a post. If I was more committed to this blog, I’d write posts regularly, but, you know.

Soo, see ya later.


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