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E3 Speculation Time!!!

Here on this crappy blog, I talk about video games more than anything else. Today, that won’t change.

Because E3 starts Tuesday!! And what am I excited about? Zelda Wii, baby!!! There’s definitely going to be some kind of announcement about it in the Nintendo conference. If not, the world may explode. But, we also may have to deal with a bunch of other stuff we don’t quite care about during the conference. Like, Wii Party. And that Vitality Sensor.

And I’m thinking that a big portion of the Microsoft and Sony conferences are gonna be lame as well. Because there will be the gosh darn Natal and the gosh darn Move. That stuff might be depressing.

But heck, I just want to talk about ZELDA. AHAHAHAHA.

The new game is one that we know almost nothing about. There’s just rumors and some comments from the people making it. It will probably have sweet Wii Motion Plus swordplay. I’m hoping it will, anyway. And the game is supposed to be a lot different from the ones in the past. That is a good thing. I’d like some new crud.

When any announcements are made, I’ll be here to make some fanboy rants.


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