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a review-ish post about super mario galaxy 2

As I said earlier, this game is awesome. And its awesomeness gives me the desire… to write a review of the game. Hurray!!!

warning: this post contains spoilers. so, uh…be…careful, I guess.

The first Super Mario Galaxy was a great, great game. It was absolutely my favorite Wii game. So of course I was gonna get the sequel!

But what can you expect from a sequel anyway? Some new power-ups and a bunch of new levels that feel a lot like the first game? That might have made a fine game, I suppose. But this game is so much more than that. Apparently the guys at Nintendo had a lot of ideas, because a lot of the stuff in this game is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or imagined! You will be surprised at what you see.

But first, let’s talk about story–or the lack thereof. You won’t really be getting much of a story in this game. Problem? Eh, not really. Mario games don’t truly need stories. Although I don’t think they would hurt the games. I mean, I liked what Super Paper Mario had for a story. That game’s story kept me interested.

But anyway, Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser. A really, really large Bowser. He’s ginormous. Like, bigger than your gosh darn house. Why? I dunno, but I ain’t complaining. I think it makes him cooler. I actually like the beginning of the game when you first walk around a corner and see him. It’s like, “HOLY CRAP! BOWSER’S HUGE!!” Heh heh. So, yeah, he goes somewhere in space, and of course you’re going to go get him. You find some fat Luma who turns a planet-shaped spaceship into a spaceship that looks like your gosh darn FACE.

Note- Mario is officially awesome: he has a spaceship that looks like his face.

When you get to that point, there’s really no more story to worry about. You just know that you have to get all the power stars in order to save Peach.

So, on to business: I didn’t immediately get hooked on this game. For a little bit, I was kind of missing how things were in the first game. But thanks to some truly awesome levels, I eventually became immersed in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I’d venture to say that some of these galaxies have genius designs. I say that simply because a lot of this stuff is just one-of-a-kind. I don’t really think I can quite describe the awesome weirdness of some of these galaxies.

I’m not saying that this whole game is completely new and stuff. Because obviously, it’s still a sequel. The thing is, you kind of expect to see more of the same in a sequel like this. But that’s just not what you get.

There’s no “clones” of galaxies from the first game.  Most of them feel completely new. Yeah, they are using the same environments again–what with the grass levels, the sand levels, the lava levels, the ice levels, etc–mainly because there’s basically no other environments to use! But even though we’re seeing levels that look kind of similar to levels of Galaxy 1, they’re actually quite different.

Blame that on the new power-ups. I didn’t think that they’d change the game much. It turns out, they do! The cloud suit? Much more of a challenge than I expected. That drill thing adds some pretty sweet gameplay, too.

And then there’s Yoshi. And he has his own power-ups, too. More gameplay possibilities come from them. Yay.

In the first game, there were those levels that were big on the motion control. You had to control that ray thing, and roll that ball. There was also the bubble that you controlled with the pointer. Well, the ball’s back. I’m happy about that, because that was enjoyable. The other ones are gone. And I’m happy about that because I didn’t like those much (well I guess the ray wasn’t so bad). But they now have this bird that you control for a couple of levels. And it’s… all right.You tilt the Wii remote to go in the desired direction. It works, but it’s not super-fun.

Now, about the game’s difficulty? IT’S NOT EASY. The main stars might not be super-difficult most of the time, but there’s those comets! Those things can be harrrrd. Then there’s the green stars. They require tricky jumping and mastery of Mario’s controls. They’re for pros, man.

By the way, I’m at like 140 stars right now. Still have another hundred to go.

Beating Bowser only takes 70 stars. I guess some people might be satisfied with only that, but others will definitely want to go and finish the game.

I have no idea what happens when you get 242 stars. But hopefully it’s somethin’ good.

Anyway, that’s definitely a lot more stars than in the last game. So, uh… good job addressing people’s complaints…Nintendo.

That’s not the only complaint that was addressed, however. Now… the camera works better!!! Yeah, I’ve definitely had fewer problems with the camera in Mario Galaxy 2. I don’t always like the angle they’ve chosen for me, but the thing is, their camera angle always works…which is not how it was in the first game. The camera issues was just a very minor problem in the first game, but it’s fixed now.

Wanna know about visuals? Well, they look pretty dang good, I can tell you that. Some galaxies are absolutely gorgeous. They’ve created some really nice backgrounds this time. I just want to stare at them for a while.

When it comes to music, they went BIG this time. The orchestrated music is truly epic. They also have actual big band music this time. It’s awesome. The non-orchestrated music is just plain catchy. So really, I can’t complain about this soundtrack at all. Even the few songs they brought back from the first game were improved!

Well I’ve pretty much talked about all the important stuff now. Here comes…

The Unnecessary Part!!

There are plenty of levels that stood out for me. And yes, I am going to tell the reader about them for a while.

There’s that Puzzle Plank galaxy, with buzz saws going around everywhere. That was pretty cool because the ground, which is made of wood, mostly, keeps changing due to these saws. Plus it’s got catchy fiddle music.

I mentioned the Cosmic Cove galaxy earlier, because it’s gorgeous. It’s not a difficult level, but it is a beautiful one.

The Freezy Flake galaxy is one I love simply because it’s fun and charming. It is a snow level. The music vaguely reminds me of Animal Crossing. Actually, you can roll around snowballs in this level. And then can get HUGE. Strangely, the snowballs allow you to cross lava. They must be pretty darn cold.

The Beat Block galaxy takes some explanation. There’s two colors of platforms. But only one comes on at a time. A beat comes out of your Wii Remote. After four counts, the platforms switch. So if Green was visible before, Yellow is now visible. Or whatever the colors were–I forget. This thing gets really hard when they change after two counts instead of four…

Another one I liked? The beach one. Yeah, I didn’t really like the beach galaxies in the last game, because they were boring. And above all else, the music got old. But this one, I like, because when I first got there, there was a planet that blew my mind! Being on it was like swimming hundreds of miles above the ground–and that doesn’t even make sense! Here, just watch the video of it. I hear this galaxy also resembles Mario Sunshine, but I’ve never even played that game. Hurray!!

I like the Space Storm galaxy because of its music.

The Melty Monster galaxy has giant lava monsters, so that pretty much makes the whole level awesome. xD Seriously though, that’s when I felt the game started to get tough. And it does get pretty tough. Especially in the special world. That place will KILL YOU.

The Clockwork Ruins galaxy has all the fun of exploring ancient ruins. Well, these ruins are actually moving…CONSTANTLY!  So this level is pretty cool.

Then there’s the Throwback. Which really is a Throwback. To WHAT, you may ask? Well, this is a spoiler really–a spoiler that Nintendo themselves revealed to me! But anyway, this is a remake of the Super Mario 64 level “Whomp’s Fortress.” And that’s a game I have played. What I like most is how they re-did the music. It sounds fantastic.

These aren’t all the stand-outs, of course. I could probably go on. However, nobody actually read this whole article, and so I do not believe I need to go on any further.

In conclusion, buy this game.


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