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Facebook is full of scams!!

Hey, I love Facebook as much as the next guy, but let me tell you… it seems like a dang good place to scam people.

I mean, there’s, what, 300 million users on Facebook? I’m not sure, but in any case, there are a whole lot of people on Facebook. Thus, many of them do not know how to spot a scam that’s obvious to the more experienced internet user. Now, the rest of us, we laugh at people who fall for these things. Just check out what these hoaxes and scams consist of.

Get a notification when someone views your profile!!!

First, there’s the abominable apps that claim they will tell you when people viewed your profile. Which might scare some Facebook stalkers… and normal people. Even if you’re a non-Facebook stalker, you do not want people to know when you view their profile… Facebook’s not that lacking in privacy!!

These apps are complete LIESSS, and even Facebook said so. I don’t know what the scam will do to you if you fall for it, but it’s probably not very pretty.

But why the crap do even want to know who’s viewing your profile? Do you know how many creepy people there are on Facebook?!! A friggin lot!

Facebook Gold? WHAT??

“Facebook Gold Account!!! Sign up now while it’s free!!”


There’s a serious lack of logic there. Why would Facebook be giving out a bunch of free accounts for some sort of enhanced version of Facebook? Wouldn’t they, ya know, lose money that way?

Rumors that Facebook will be charging money in the future are false, by the way. Facebook has never said such things.

And this “Facebook Gold” is fake as well. They can scam you, dude. I mean, there are multiple pages that are offering “Facebook Gold,” and they seem to make you go through some ridiculous process.

Use your brain.


I just forgot what else I was gonna write.

Oh well.


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