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New Zelda This Year

I’d probably be making this news more dramatic if this blog actually had, ya know, viewers, but seeing as it doesn’t, this news will NOT be made very dramatic. Mr. Iwata, (Nintendo president of course, silly) told a Japanese newspaper that the next Wii Zelda game was less than 365 days away.  Naturally, when I heard this news, I was pretty darn happy.  But of course, on the places where people complain on just about everything, (every popular gaming site in existence, pretty much) people are…well, they’re skeptical. Usually posts about Zelda games are the ones free of annoying complaints, since Zelda games get universal praise, but… People are just quite suspicious.

The main thing people are confused by is the fact that this game is coming out this year, when we haven’t even seen a trailer for it yet. I mean, this is not a handheld game!  This is a full-blown console Zelda!

Yet, Twilight Princess came out in 2006… Chances of them starting development on the next game immediately after releasing that one seem…pretty good. Edit: Apparently this game has been in development since early 2006, BEFORE Twilight Princess came out. And yes, I can back that up. But the first confirmation of the Zelda team working on a new game was in 2008. Uh…so how long have they been working, anyway?  Cause I mean, four years is a pretty good amount of time to make this game.  Two years doesn’t seem like enough to the peoples.  And they’re probably right.  But I’m quite certain Edit: 100% certain that it’s been in development for more than two years, anyway.

I’m starting to get the feeling that Nintendo likes the whole announce games shortly before their release date thing. Except, examples of games that were announced the same year they were released are Animal Crossing City Folk, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Wii Fit Plus…and evidently, none of these games are too convincing that incredible games will come if they are released the same year they’re announced. I mean, AC CF didn’t have too much new stuff, right?  NSMB Wii is a great game, but still, couldn’t have taken that long to make.  It’s pretty similar to the DS version, after all.  And Wii Fit Plus is just the original Wii Fit with much more features. Hm…they’re all good games.  But they were all based on previous games.

The games that really excited a Nintendo fan at E3 09 had to be the new Metroid, and the new Mario Galaxy.  And they’re both coming out this year.

So, for these reasons, many are actually hoping for a delay. How strange.  This is not like Twilight Princess.

I get the feeling that this lack of information about this game will make us less disappointed when the actual game comes out, by the way.

Anyway, some people are also worried about the Wii controls.  Me?  Nah. The game will be using WiiMotion Plus, of course. And just look at how well Wii Sports Resort swordplay works . You can swing the sword wherever you want. But exactly how this would work in Zelda is unclear.  I think it would be cool if you only went into 1:1 controls when you Z-target. And then otherwise it would be normal. Buuuuut who knows. The only problem with WiiMotion Plus is calibration.  They will probably find some way to make it not too much of a nuisance.

There’s also the matter of the bow, which will also use WiiMotion Plus. The aiming in Twilight Princess was pretty good.  But with WiiMotion Plus, it will be like the archery in WSR.  Is this better?  Worse?  I dunno, man.

Well that’s all I’m going to say at this moment.  The gist of this is… we don’t actually know much about this game.


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