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MORE messing with school’s computers!

I don’t gots much to post about or anything, but I have seen a couple of more ways to play games at school!

Do you ever want to play some sewious first-person shooters at school?  Well, it’s possible, man.  And at my school, playing the Halo Trial has become quite common among guys. Yup, it’s the demo version of Halo for Windows. It only has one campaign mission on it, but you wanna know what’s truly great about it? It has multiplayer!  Yes! You can play online!  So at school you can just go shoot the heck out of each other.

But you have to go through some trouble to get this on the school’s computers some place.  Cause you probably don’t have the ability to install the program…unless you somehow have administrator rights. So you have to install it some place where you do have access…probably at home.  And then you have to copy the files–to a flash-drive first, of course–and then onto wherever you feel like you can put them on the school’s files. Is there some bad consequence from doing this stuff?  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out.  Although, I definitely know that many teachers know that their students know how to play Halo on the computers.  It’s no secret.

There’s an easier way to play a multiplayer first-person-shooter, though, if you’re using a Mac. You see, the Macs have all those cool widgets and stuff.  Well you can add one called 3D Paradise Paintball. You just, go get it from the Apple site. And in a few seconds, you can play an online first-person shooter with random people.  Or you can set up a private match and have the person next to you join! Yeah, you’re just splatting people with paintballs and whatever, and it’s supposedly a casual game.  I guess it’s labeled as casual because it’s nonviolent and unrealistic?? Well, I guess you can’t call a free game hardcore…

Well, there you go, Chuck.  You’ve just learned some more about how you can waste time at your school.  And shoot the heck out of your friends. At school. I’m sure you already do that at home.  But now you can do it at school.

Hey, by the way, you know a funner way to shoot the heck out of your friends than video games?  Airsoft and paintball, man.  It’s like real combat, except with BB’s/paintballs…that definitely don’t kill anyone.  Airsoft guns are modeled after real guns.  Yeah, I’ll have to post about this sometime.  It’s awesome stuff.


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