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Messing with your school’s computers

(For more on this topic, head over to the page “Play Games at School,” found at the header of this site).

Eh. Schools.  They have EVERYTHING blocked out these days.  And more and more game sites get blocked out all the time. There was a time when we could easily find “The World’s Hardest Game.”  But now it’s very very hard. You’d have to go through a zillion Google links to find it.   Chances are, your school isn’t any different.

But what’s surprising is that if you search in Google “Games not blocked at school,” you’ll actually find sites that aren’t blocked.  Now I find this weird, because you’d think these would be sites that the school would block out.  But maybe they don’t realize that some people are determined to play games in school. So when I have the chance to play games on school’s computers, I’m probably gonna go to like, philsgames.tk or like, the alternate site they have, which is bordinschool.tk/.  They have the same games, of course. But there are other sites out there.

But those flash games may not be good enough for you.  You may be like, wanting to play some serious games in school.  So that’s what console emulators are good for.  I saw this kid in my Video Production class (yes I have that, and I also have Game design, foo) playing Zelda Ocarina of Time, and well, you’ve got to love Ocarina of Time.  Well the way you do that is by installing Project64. Which is easy to find at school.  And I installed it into my personal folder which is on the school’s server, and was able to run it from any computer running Windows at the school.  But while you can get Project64 quite easily (thanks to all the file-sharing sites out there), ROM files (which are the games) are virtually impossible to find.  At my school, anyway.  Your school may not be as smart.  But anyway, if you want to play your N64 games that badly, then you have to put the ROM files on your flash drive while you’re at home, and then plug that into the school’s computer.  Pretty simple. And there’s, of course, emulators for other systems. Although, you probably don’t want to try any systems newer than the N64…

And the other way to play games in school is, of course, to play them on a graphing calculator. Muwahahahaha.  Yeah since the TI-nspire is required, I have games on it.  Well, strictly speaking, those games are for the TI-84. But that’s why the nspire came with the TI-84 faceplate.  But I’m not going to go into the whole process here. I’ll probably do that later.

But I don’t always need games to mess around.  Cause I got Yahoo there for meh.  Man, it is so easy to view Facebook.  All I have to do is log into my Yahoo account.  Sadly, Facebook while you’re at school isn’t as fun as you might expect…because no one is posting during school.  I mean, not a lot of people at my school use Yahoo for their Facebook needs. If they have to update Facebook, they use their phones. Anyway,  I also find Yahoo Answers pretty fun, in a way.  I can tell people the stuff I know.  So that’s another way I waste time at school. And then I just go read news articles, if there’s anything I care about. But this stuff may not sound fun to you.  So you should just play games.

Or do your work.

But whatever.  I’ve got all A’s and B’s, man, even with all these shenanigans.

By the way, WordPress also works at school.  Maybe I’ll post from there some time.



Note: Don’t save stuff to your school’s servers!! They have the right to delete it! Save all your stuff to your flash drive. Or just don’t save stuff at all–just stick to flash games, maybe?

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  1. January 30, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    What about proxies? What happened to using proxies at school, thats what we all used to do hah everyone would change proxies every day, they would block one then we switch then thats blocked then we get a new one.

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