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Random incorrect Grammar!!!

Hm.  I think I should start a series of posts, titled RANDOM INCORRECT GRAMMAR!!!

Now I can bore the heck out of everyone!  So…I probably wouldn’t call it that.  Anyway, I do like making fun of people’s grammar.  And look at THIS!

“When i first heard about this game coming out i was very spectacle about it.”

MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!  FAIL!! Skeptical, you fool, skeptical!

Yes, I have now bored you.  Mission accomplished.

Wow I am bored.  So let’s go read the tirade I unleashed on some guy.

So I was on the music video for Paramore’s Decode, and I was all like, “Oh man, this has a buncha clips of Twilight in it!” Cause I’m like most guys. You know. Not liking Twilight.  Guys who like Twilight generally scare me.  I mean, I know a guy who liked the books, but hated the movie.  I’m not scared of him. The other guys who like Twilight, yeah, they scare me.

Anyway, the “argument–”

I say, “oh crud there’s twilight in it. dang.”

And then some fool comes in. “Could that be because they wrote the song for the movie? Gee – I wonder…”

Har har har.  So I says, “oh sure you think you’re so clever with your sarcasm. like i friggin knew that they wrote the song for the movie, but i have to deal with someone who just has to tell me what i already know.dang youtube.”


So then the fool is…foolish…enough to reply. He’s like, “Your comment makes no sense. Did you or did you not already know…?”

FOOL.   He just had nothing else to say, so he said THAT. And then he’s like, “You know what – don’t even bother replying. I watched two of your videos and have come to the conclusion that you’re retarded, and thus not worth dealing with.”

MORON.  So that’s when I unleashed my wraaaaaaaaaaaath.

“good to know your little brain can decide if someone is retarded by watching their youtube videos. i guess now you should win a prize for today. you told someone what they already knew, then you figured out that they were retarded. great job.”

“you just think you’re so smart, don’t you? but you couldn’t even come up with a comeback to my comment, so you said that it made no sense, and then you told me i was retarded. that’s some real intelligence there. i’d continue my tirade, butnomorespace”

Alas, I was out of space.  So I continued in a new comment. “as i was saying, i’d think with your brains, and ability to tell people’s brain capacities just by watching their stupid youtube videos, you’d be doing something more useful for the world. but no. you’re here picking on a kid who complained that twilight was in the music video. you must be proud. ‘course, it’s not like i’m doing stuff that’s any better right now, but at least i didn’t start this episode of idiocy (and frankly that word is quite accurate).”

I consider myself good at coming up with sarcastic comments. This fool should never have thought he was so cool because he can pick on some random kid.

‘Cause personally, I think I won that.  Right as he used the word “retarded,” I pretty much won.

Seriously, using the word “retarded” is gonna make you lose an argument. It’s a word that’s just gonna make it an idiotic argument instead of a normal, civilized one.

Just remember that.  That’s your lesson for today.


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