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Personalities on Facebook??

It’s sorta interesting to see what you can determine about a person from their status updates.  Some people are like, using smiley faces in like every post.  EVERY POST.  Or if it’s not a smiley face, it will be a frowny face. Frankly, it seems like the ones who do that are the cute girls.  And like, people are all like, commenting on their photos, and they say thanks and put more smilies there. Yeah.  Other people say really clever, funny stuff. I love that. And then there’s people who say stuff that’s clever, but not really funny.  There’s also those who say stuff that’s not really clever, but is quite opinionated. And that’s definitely not funny! It usually results in an internet argument. And don’t we all hate that? Oh, and worst of all, people who write most of their status updates in ALL CAPS STYLE!!! What does that say about a person??  I wonder… But honestly, it’s also annoying when people say stuff like “2day,” and, “4,” and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. That’s basically the only thing I dislike about the Facebook page of this one cute girl… o_O I mean, it’s a full keyboard!  A FULL, QWERTY KEYBOARD!  Ya could take the time to spell stuff out, ya know?

This post is pretty pointless and stuff.  Well, actually, it was.  But then I changed it.  Umm well, it’s black Friday today.  But it’s not like I’m the one buying stuff. I got no money, dude!

Oh well.


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