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Well, I’ll tell you what, it just happens to be the fifth birthday of Firefox.  But Firefox is so awesome that I would have gotten to it eventually.

I first started using Firefox 2 when my internet explorer was going crazy.  I find it useless to go into the details of how that happened–and I sure don’t know why–but I downloaded Firefox as a replacement. Before long, I found that Firefox could do a whole lot more than IE.

I’m talking about customization, baby. There were hundreds of themes to choose from, for starters, and then a whole boatload of add-ons.  However, at that point, I couldn’t really find a suitable theme for me.

In Firefox 3, there was an add-on called Personas, and that made the whole color and theme thing a whole lot easier.  Because with it, you don’t have to install every theme you want (they’re called “skins” in Personas).  You just choose the one you want and bam, your browser is decorated.

So customization is awesome.

I have also developed a dislike of IE.  Ever since the seventh one.  It just didn’t make sense to me why they moved all the buttons around.  And it didn’t even look better than IE6 on XP! And IE8 is not impressive.  I used it, and the new features just annoyed me.  I think I know which sites I visit the most, thank you very much.  And I can clearly tell what website I’m on without you greying out everything but the main part of the address. More than anything else, it was never innovative, as far as I know. Just in existence to get back the share of the market they were losing from Netscape.  Not unlike Bing, Zune, and the Xbox.  Well, actually, I’m just going on a Mac fanboy rant right now. (Except I’m using a PC!!!)

Anyway, if you’re not using Firefox, I highly recommend it.  Or, I highly recommend using anything but Internet Explorer.  Cause I’m evil.

Oh, and of course, Firefox is safer, with easy updates taking place all the time.

And by the way, New Super Mario Bros. Wii has already been reviewed by IGN AU, and they gave it a 9.2 (which I kinda don’t get, because it seemed like the complaints in the review would have made the review score just a little lower…) We’re waiting on the U.S. review, though!


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