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Not Playing Farmville

So, recently, I stopped playing Farmville, which is, of course, that Facebook game that’s making such a big deal with all your friends.  If you have just been really really annoyed by how much you see it on the Facebook homepage,  you have probably joined it by now.  But otherwise, you’re just stubborn.  And kinda arrogant.  Though in this case, I respect you.

Cause now I’ve gone ANTI-FARMVILLE!!

Eh, well, kind of.  I’m not writing Facebook posts to bag on the game.  I’m justANTI-FARMVILLE by myself, without telling all my Facebook friends.  Cause I don’t really want my friends to be all mad at me or anything.

Anyway, let me tell you about how I’ve come to this.  So, I tried Farmville. You plant crops.  You buy trees.  You buy animals.  You buy other pointless stuff.  Yeah I pretty much make it seem really boring in this method of describing it. As I was saying, the game really pushes you to invite your friends.  Cause your friends help you, and you can only get a bigger farm with friends in the game.

Over one million people are fans of "Not Playing Farmville." But that's about forty nine million less than the amount of people who have played it.

Wait, why do I want a bigger farm??  Why do I want this money??  What good will come if I have that house???  THIS IS MESSED UP!!

It really is, because the game had me on every day, harvesting my crops, which whither if you don’t come back to them in time. Nothing that boring should be that addicting.

Plus, it gets annoying.  You’re getting all these requests and notifications from people.  Yeah, so some guy helped on my farm.  Great.  But what does the fertilizer even do???  The crops probably grow faster, but why should I care about that??  They always take hours to days to grow anyway!

Helping on other people’s farms is actually only useful for the person who was helping.  You get money and experience.

Yeah, Farmville uses the whole level system.  You can only get certain stuff when you’re at a certain level.  Still not very motivating to me.  The only people I’m trying to beat are my “neighbor,” anyway, and I don’t really feel like displaying my level of addiction to them.

Except, some of my friends are proud addicts, and they openly admit this with status updates.

Anyway, when I was at level 8, I decided I really didn’t want to keep clicking on every square of farmland to till it, and then click on every square again to plant crops… I didn’t want to do that anymore.  There’s really no point in adding realism to the game by making it so you have to harvest all the crops one square at a time.  Because last time I checked, it takes more than a day for plants to grow.  You might as well make it so you can harvest all at once.

But I digress.  As I was saying, I was really bored with the whole process, so I just stopped playing.  I then proceeded to become a fan of “Not Playing Farmville.”  So take that! Restaurant City is where it’s at!!  But that’s another post.  For another day.


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