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Snow Days

Yeah, so, picking the first topic to post about is like, hard!  I have trouble with that.

But the obvious thing to talk about would be how I’m home because it’s a snow day!!

Except why is this in October?  Seems like madness. Although, I don’t think I’m too surprised.  We’ve already had one OCTLIZZARD this month.  It didn’t cancel school, though.  And when the NLDS was here, the coldest playoff game ever took place.  Muwahhahaha.

Hm yeah I should’ve mentioned that this was Colorado.

As any Coloradoan knows, you can’t predict the weather.  I mean, you CAN, but it’s still crazy and random.  It changes faaaast.  I mean, it’s 80 one day, and then 40 the next.  And often, snow will melt the day after it came.

But yeah, snow days are awesome!  No school, and you don’t even have to do homework.  You can just stay home all day.  But you probably want to play in the snow.  It’s so fun, man.

But an even rarer case is the early dismissal.  It happened once in my lifetime.  And it was awesome!!!  They announced it by intercom and MAN that was a great moment. So I’m on the bus feeling all happy, and We the Kings was pulsing through my earphones.  Cause, you know, it just amplifies a happy mood!  So then… I went and watched LoTR with some friends. Yeah I thought that was a pretty good day. :mrgreen:

Today I’m bored.  I haven’t gone outside yet.  But I plan on testing the sledding in this house.  It looks like some legit sledding could occur in my yard!


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