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So, I’m starting another non-CP blog. I’m pretty much at the max age to be playing Club Penguin, really.  I mean, it’s supposedly 8-14.  Though I remember, when I first joined, there were people who–well, claimed anyway–to be 16.  They probably only played for a day.

Yeah anyway, my other non-Club Penguin blog sucked.  I mean, it was supposed to be about my life.  But apparently, I don’t want to post anything about my life!  I thought I might, earlier.  But I don’t.

But here, I’m just going to talk about whatever I want.  Anything, I say, from politics to some goofy thing.  And I’ll probably talk about video games.  Cause, you know, I play video games!

Wait, what was I saying… Eh whatever.  That’s the end.


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